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Technology :- Great Strength, Lower Cost, Better Lead Time, Greater Surface Finish, Enhanced Flexibility, high or low temperature performance, ductility, hardness, and machinability.

Design simplicity :- The design of aviation & electric vehicle mechanical components will be inherently simpler. Forged aluminum components simply perform better than cast or machined automotive parts.

Aerospace & EV :- High strength-to-weight ratio and structural reliability improves performance, range, and payload capabilities of aircraft. That's why aluminium forgings are used in helicopters, piston-engine planes, commercial jets, and supersonic military aircraft. Many aircraft are "designed around" forgings, and contain more than 450 structural forgings. Aluminum structural beams for boosters are used in the space shuttle program. Vehicle manufacturer will definitely be benefitted in up-coming EV revolution, in Two & Four Wheeler segments by increasing use of aluminium forging component.

Automotive and Truck :- In automotive and truck applications, aluminium forged components are commonly used where requiring extra strength and toughness with respect to weight.

Minimal cost impact :- Aluminum components for aviation & electric vehicles are rapidly bringing the price to near parity with other popular component manufacturing methods.

Shivam can easily develop & produce all the necessary components at the faster rate with world class manufacturing facilities in cold, warm & hot forging at better yield.